Rowdy Raja Full Movie in Hindi 2019

Rowdy Raja Full Movie in Hindi Download Best Quality HD 720p 480p

Rowdy Raja Full Movie in Hindi 2019 its dubbed in hindi and also relesed by aditya movies on 19th february 2019.

Release Date: 1st june 2018 in telugu but 19th february 2019 in hindi

Genre: Family

Star Cast: Krishna BhagavanAmyra DasturRaghu Kumar Karumanchi

Director: Sanjana Reddy

Story: Raj Tharun has a serious problem; he is a kleptomaniac. He can’t stop himself from stealing small things. Even when he falls in love with the beautiful Amyra Dastur, he couldn’t restrain himself from stealing. That creates a huge problem for his love life as Amyra’s father hates criminals. Will Raj finally be able to get rid his kleptomania and win Amyra over?

Duration: 2hr 07 minutes

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